“Statistica software was implemented at the Espefa Chemical and Pharmaceutical Worker Cooperative by StatSoft with the following modules: Process Validation and Measurement Method Validation. The cooperative decided to implement the solution to meet the requirements of GMP in the scope of production process validation, test method validation and preparation of trend analysis and annual product review reports. (…)

With the StatSoft software, working with data processing and statistical calculations has become much easier, less time-consuming and the risk of errors while copying data has been eliminated, as the software is validated during its deployment by a representative of StatSoft, which is also very important with regard to Good Manufacturing Practices.

Reports generated by the Process Validation and Measurement Method Validation modules contain all necessary statistical analyses and conclusions, and if needed, the user can include additional information in the reports. (…)

While deploying the software, StatSoft provides exhaustive training and offers assistance, which makes working with the software and understanding complex issues related to statistical analysis becomes easier and very useful in everyday work.