Gedeon Richter Polska

“Due to the growing need for optimisation of stability evaluation activities, Gedeon Richter Polska Sp. z o.o. Commissioned StatSoft Poland to provide a comprehensive system for collecting, storing and analysing stability-related data. (…)

By implementing the comprehensive data gathering and analysis system:

Storage of hard-copies of data has been reduced – all data are now stored in one structured analytical database,

Data security has been increased with the use of the right IT infrastructure, privilege management and change tracking function,

Fast access to data has been achieved – necessary information, e.g. results of the analysis of a selected parameter in a selected period and stability test plans for the next month can be obtained by generating a special report,

It has become possible to quickly generate reports etc. with all results for a selected series or a summary report with test results for a selected product,

The Stability Assessment solution from the Pharmaceutical Suite has become available, which automates data analysis and final report generation.

Currently our work in the scope of data processing is only limited to entering data through a dedicated interface, and afterwards the person responsible for the analysis or report defines the scope of data required, which are transferred into the analytical environment, where they can be viewed and processed or automatically analysed and included in a report – which significantly reduces the time needed to prepare documentation. In addition, we have gained an analytical database, which stores all historical information regarding parameters and products.

A reliable approach to the user’s expectations, professionalism and experience of the StatSoft team enabled them to efficiently adjust the software to the requirements of Gedeon Richter Polska. The professionalism and flexibility of StatSoft have accelerated and simplified a successful deployment of the new solution.”