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StatSoft Polska – experts in data analysis

If you are looking for a reliable partner in the areas of building and implementing solutions for reporting and data analysis as well as services in the field of statistics, predictive analytics, data science and big data – you’ve come to the right place. We are here to support you!

We have been providing advanced data analysis services for over 25 years. We help our clients obtain valuable business information from their data so that they can make faster decisions, increase customer satisfaction and better understand their needs.

We are part of the international group ArondIT GmbH and together with StatSoft Europe GmbH we operate on the European market, providing optimal solutions in the field of data analysis. A team of nearly 50 experienced StatSoft Polska and StatSoft Europe experts successfully implements industrial and business systems based on machine learning, statistics and big data.


Data analysis is our passion, and the impossible does not exist for us. We provide our own solutions and recognized manufacturers – in particular, as TIBCO Gold Partner, thanks to the Statistica software, we enable the use of advanced data analysis in practice.

StatSoft experts build innovative analytical, predictive, optimization and reporting solutions. As part of them, we integrate data sources, prepare data collection environments, data warehouses, deliver ready-made models or specialized analytical tools as well as reports and reporting portals. We also offer consulting in the field of data collection and analysis as well as designing analytical and reporting systems. Our clients’ solutions to analytical problems turn into real business, technological and research successes.

With us, you will go to the next level of data analysis! We offer over 50 standard training topics as well as custom-made training at our place or at the customer’s. Every year, we educate over 2,000 people on courses, seminars and postgraduate studies. We care about the highest quality and an effective approach to the training provided.



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