Watch webinar: Statistical process control according to Annex 15, how to get started?


Are you wondering what the basic principles of statistical process monitoring are? Do you want to start with statistical process monitoring and link it to OPV and PQR, but don’t know how to do it?...


Watch webinar: Statistical evaluation of compliance of results with specification limits


Do you want to know the rules regarding the compliance of the reported result with specification limits? Are you wondering about the role of measurement uncertainty in the decision-making process or how...


Watch webinar: The use of univariate and multivariate control charts in accordance with the recommendations of Ph.Eur. 5.28


Are you wondering what are the recommendations of European Pharmacopoeia Ph.Eur. 5.28 regarding to the implementation of statistical process control, which can be used during Ongoing Process Verification (OPV) or periodic Product Quality Review...


Watch webinar: Dissolution profile comparison – new methods and EMA recommendations


uring the webinar we will discuss the recommendations of the European Medicines Agency regarding the use of the bootstrap methodology in the evaluation of dissolution profiles. In addition to the bootstrap method, recently developed model-independent and...


Read article: Identification of atypical trends with assessment of OOS result occurrence during ongoing stability program


We invite you to read the text (in Polish) from which you will learn: What is the procedure for detecting an unusual point or slope in the ongoing stability program?How...


Watch webinar: Design, validation and monitoring of a technological process


Are you wondering how to determine the criticality of product quality attributes and process parameters? Are you bothering how to select parameters for an experiment? If „yes” – don’t hesitate and sign up for...


Watch webinar: Identification of atypical trends with assessment of OOS result occurrence during ongoing stability programme


The webinar will discuss methods for identifying typical trends during ongoing stability programme along with estimating the probability of an OOS result at the end of the shelflife. In the...


Webinar Digitalize Validated Reporting in Pharma and Biotech – już 24th February!


Companies in biotech and pharma are spending a lot of time and effort in generating reports that must be validated. During the webinar, experts from StatSoft Europe will show how...


New training schedule for 2022


We got him! Long-awaited - training schedule 2022! It includes both our most popular courses and news, incl. Chemometric Analysis in Statistica - Advanced Course, Meta-analysis in Socio-Economic Research and...


StatSoft Polska during the International Congress of the Pharma Industry


We could not miss the annual meeting of medicaments manufacturers organized by Farmacom! Our fantastic expert, Dr Marek Skowronek introduced the subject of advanced data analytics in the optimization of...


Validation of analytical methods – join the webinar on 8th December!


We invite you to participate in the last of the webinar series (8.12.2021, 2:00-3:00 PM CET), during which we will discuss the principles, methods and examples for the assessment of...


4.11.2021 | 10:00-11:00 AM | Webinar – Data needs Analytics – the new value of data!


Bridging the gap between Data and Analytics is one of the biggest challenges any organization faces today. The abundance of data, the growing challenges of data management and the rising...


Watch webinar: Environmental monitoring – methods and case studies


Join the webinar during which we will discuss three approaches to evaluating and trending data collected – during monitoring the manufacturing environment of both sterile and non-sterile forms. What are these approaches? The first...


Congres Cosmed, Pharm & Supplements 2021


The joy of the meeting, the opportunity to talk with clients and a thunderous applause for our speaker - this is how we will remember our participation in this year's...


The 25th scientific conference of StatSoft Polska – join today!


How to avoid the pitfalls of significance testing in empirical research? Who is energy poor in Poland? What are the challenges of using neural networks in scientific research? Among other...


Watch webinar: Dissolution profiles comparison – case studies


The webinar will discuss model-dependent (Weibull model) as well as model-independent (f1/f2 factorization, f1/f2 bootstrap, multivariate statistical distance) statistical methods that can be used to compare dissolution profiles. The scheme for selecting a method...


Our solutions named a leader in the Forrester Wave report: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021


We are excited to announce that TIBCO has become a leader in The Forrester Wave ™: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021! Advanced analysis, development tools, usability and high availability - according...


Watcg webinar: Monitoring and evaluation of product quality attributes


What statistical methods can be used to assess product quality during a periodic product quality review or an ongoing process verification to evaluate stability, identify atypical trends and process capability? Among other things,...


Watch webinar: Regression analysis – what is it and when should it be used?


Linear regression is one of the most widely used basic statistical methods. With its help, we can study relationship between causes and an effect that is measurable on a quantitative...


Spotfire 11 – the latest release of the data visualization and data science platform


On April 28 at 02:00 PM there will be a webinar during which you will learn: ● how to easily import data from different sources, combine and transform them with...


Monitoring and evaluation of the product in stability studies


Do you want to expand and consolidate your knowledge of stability research? If so, we invite you to participate in our free webinar,which will take place on April 21, 2021...


Automation in Statistica – we invite you to the webinar!


During performing analyzes in practice, we often deal with repetitive tasks. Performing them can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and besides, it is simply boring. It often turns out that the analysis...


Webinar on the ongoing process verificationon on March 24!


What data analysis methods to use to identify undesirable trends during verifying the ongoing process? What prerequisites must be met prior to verification? How to do it properly? These questions...


Software for clinical studies – our new program is ready!


Statistical analysis of clinical trials of the bioequivalence of medicines, substances or treatments can be faster and easier! We have completed the Software for clinical studies, which allows you to...



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