PPF Hasco-Lek S.A., HASCO Group

“By using the Pharmaceutical Suite, the time needed to perform statistical analysis of data, prepare the results and issue a report has been reduced to just several minutes. The time saved can be spend on carefully analysing the data and developing a better understanding of process variables.

Apart from automating routine tasks, StatSoft solutions provide a wide range of analytical tools without which it would be hard to imagine an effective performance of qualitative tasks over the entire product life cycle, starting from implementation (eg. design of experiments method) to process quality monitoring (e.g. Shewhart control charts), to the annual product review.”

Jelfa S.A. Valeant Group

“The use of the Statistica Process Validation software guarantees a correct preparation of reports with significant time savings. Thanks to a transparent and wide scope of information contained in the reports, the documents can serve as a good basis to present validation results, prepare annual product reviews and to analyse processes on an ongoing basis.”

EMO-FARM Sp. z o.o. Valeant Group

“Statistica provides significant support in ensuring a high quality of medication, facilitates time savings generates transparent and professional reports, which enable us to quickly evaluate the process and which are verified during audits”.


“Using the Statistica Pharmaceutical Suite facilitates big time savings.”

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