We invite you to the VIth Pharmaceutical Conference StatSoft Poland

On October 5, 2017, the 6th conference of the series “Practical data analysis in the   pharmaceutical industry” will be held in Warsaw.

The main theme of this edition will be issues related to the optimal use of data analysis in production process management and quality assurance and control, and in particular:

• Presentations in the form of CASE STUDIES, showing examples of implementation of tools and procedures – ZF Polpharma, TEVA Operations, Polfa Tarchomin, Polfa Warszawa
Practical experience and ways to effectively implement GMP requirements in leading pharmaceutical companies in Poland
Optimal use of the SPC system on the example of ZF Polpharma
Improving the efficiency of Quality Departments in line with the latest trends in the industry
Risk analysis in the context of estimating the heavy metal impurities in medicinal products
• Methods of organisation and trending of data obtained during the monitoring of the manufacturing environment
• Selection of the optimal model for analysing stability test data
Periodic Product Quality Review (PQR) procedures and interpretative conclusions

More information on the conference website.