Welcome to the autumn series of webinars!

This year’s autumn we start with a new cycle of free webinars! We have prepared for you new, interesting topics from various fields.

On 17 October this year, everyone interested in the subject of quality control will be able to see for themselves during a webinar: StatSoft’s SPC® system – Real-time production process control” – how to quickly and easily have up-to-date knowledge of the production process. Importantly, this knowledge will not only be reliable, complete and delivered as quickly as possible, but also personalised and addressed to the right people!

On November 22nd, during the webinar Integrated information management system dedicated to the monitoring of the manufacturing environment“, the ways of organizing and trending microbiological data and an integrated system to manage the information received will be presented. The system enables organization and management of data coming from environmental monitoring, ensures availability of data and visualization of processes in real time and a system of notification of detected threats.