Methods of trend analysis in the pharmaceutical industry

We also invite you to watch the recording of our webinar “Methods of trend analysis in the pharmaceutical industry”. Recently, there has been a growing interest of auditors and people responsible for manufacturing quality in issues related to trend analysis. During the webinar we presented basic principles and concepts related to trends and statistical methods of analysis used to identify unusual, undesirable trends in selected areas of the pharmaceutical company’s operations:
evaluation of product and process parameters,
• in the continuous product stability test program,
• and to monitor the parameters of the manufacturing environment.
We discuss these issues on practical examples. We also present our specialized tools, automating the most laborious activities related to statistical data analysis and creating reports in accordance with industry standards and auditor requirements. These tools are helpful at various levels: from the selection of appropriate analysis methods, criteria for identification of OOT and EIA results, through automatic report creation, to integrated systems ensuring control over the introduction, availability, storage and integrity of data.
We invite you to watch.