We recommend reading an article by M. Skowronek, Ph.D., entitled “Knowledge management”, published in Świat Przemysłu Farmaceutycznego Journal

In the ICH Q10 document issued in 2008,the International Conference on Harmonization proposed a quality management model, changing the basic concepts related to medicinal product quality and proposing a new approach to quality management in the pharmaceutical industry. The process that supports and facilitates effective implementation of the Pharmaceutical Quality System, apart from the quality risk management process, is knowledge management carried out during the entire lifecycle of a product. Every manufacturer should determine how to effectively manage knowledge, including the scope and amount of data to be collected and analysed. Computerised information management systems can facilitate automation of data collection, standardisation of analyses and make the obtained knowledge available. The Statisitica software, including the Statisitica Enterprise version, as an integrated data analysis system, allows for efficient knowledge management in an organisation. The article presents challenges and expectations related to implementation of a knowledge management software in a company as well as examples of IT solutions applied. We recommend reading the entire article