Analytical and reporting platforms

The analytical and reporting platforms expand the functionalities of pharmaceutical modules. In addition to statistical data analyses and reporting capabilities, the platforms, using an independent central database, provide control over data entry, access, storage and integrity as well as facilitate an efficient management of information collected. The advanced systems have been developed for product quality monitoring, product stability monitoring and environment monitoring.

Basic platform functions:

  • Scheduling activity for a given week/month/year
  • Generating reports on activities/tests scheduled for a given period
  • Automatic notifications about dates on which specific activities are to be performed
  • Integration of all critical-to-quality data in the central database
  • Ensuring data security by managing access levels and rights
  • Data integrity by tracking and recording changes in the database (Audit Trials)
  • Ongoing accessibility of the results of statistical analyses to key personnel
  • Simple and intuitive retrieving information/data
  • Real time monitoring of results and trends with regard to critical-to-quality data

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