Training organised by StatSoft Poland is intended for everyone who want to quickly expand their knowledge in the scope of data processing and analysis in various disciplines. Currently, we offer over 60 standard course subjects, so everyone can choose the right one for themselves.

For the pharmaceutical sector, we have prepared a dedicated series of training sessions entitled Statistics in Pharma, which presents an exhaustive review of areas which are key for the sector. Our aim is to familiarise users with statistical analysis methods used in different areas of operation of pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies, including quality assurance, production, maintenance and R&D.

Our courses combine practical knowledge of specific aspects of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sector with knowledge of data analysis methods, based on data taken from the sector. Individual statistical issues are discussed from a theoretical perspective and later developed through exercises.
For 20 years we have been offering an extensive range of training services dedicated to various data analysis methods and their practical applications in different disciplines. Our consultants prepare and provide training themselves.

Our training offering includes, among others:

  • Open training – organised at our computer laboratories in Kraków; you can choose from over 60 subjects,
  • Thematic training cycles – offering knowledge from a specific area of application or knowledge of selected statistical data analysis methods; we offer, among others, standard training sessions on forecasting, data mining, statistical methods in marketing and market research, medicine, quality management,
  • Training on demand – the programme is adjusted to the needs and requirements of the customer and can include actual data; training can be provided at the customer’s location or at another specified location. We can also provide training based on a newly-developed programme in any scope related to data analysis, statistics, Statistica software.

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