To meet the needs of our customers we have developed dedicated tools such as analytical add-ons, which automate processes related to data analysis and reporting in various areas of operation and several advanced analytical and reporting platforms.

Each module from the set has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. Thanks to the range of carefully selected statistical methods and analyses performed in the Statistica environment, the software automatically performs routine data analysis activities and creates ready-to-print reports.

Our analytical and reporting platforms are a comprehensive IT solution which provides additional support with regard to collecting, storing and analysing data. It comprises of several components which all work together:

  • Central database with audit trail,
  • Measurement scenario configuration module,
  • Data entry module,
  • Report generation module,
  • Access level management module
  • Adverse events notification module
  • Statistica analytical environment
  • Statistica pharmaceutical set module.

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