Determination of measurement uncertainty

Training description: Assessment of the accuracy of results obtained with the use of measuring equipment is an important task faced by laboratory staff while preparing study result reports. The difficulties related to an accurate estimation of measurement uncertainty include: uncertainty source identification, assignment of the right deduction method based on available data, as well as error propagation calculations. The aim of the training is to present modern methods of measurement uncertainty calculation based on the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement – a document issued by the International Bureau of Weights and Measurements, which is currently a standard and point of reference for ISO and other regulations. During the training we will discuss the practical implications of the abovementioned document – calculation methods and measurement result preparation procedure, from model formulation to reporting. An integral part of the training is working with the Measurement Uncertainty Determination programme which constitutes part of the StatSoft Laboratory Suite, which significantly simplifies calculations and reporting, so that the user can just formulate the model and enter data. Training participants will learn how to use the tool from zero; the tool will also be used for practical exercises which illustrate and expand the theoretical issues discussed. 1-Day training.

Requirements: Ability to work with a computer in the Windows environment

Training programme:

1.Measurement uncertainty according to the Central Office of Measurements – basic terms and principles
  • A and B type uncertainty
  • Linear calibration
  • Use of historical data
  • Complex uncertainty
  • Sensitivity coefficient
  • Uncertainty budget
2.Measurement uncertainty estimation procedure step by step
3.Working with the Measurement Uncertainty Determination software:
  • Entering data
  • Managing data and results
  • Reporting
  • Good software use practices
4.Practical examples of test result preparation.

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